Who We Are

This project is being fundraised for by Wesley Horner in partnership with Imagine1day, the project sponsor.  As with most things in life there were many friends and allies who helped bring this vision to life; to them and to you we say, Thank You!

Wesley Horner – Lead Fundraiser

My name is Wesley and I am a senior school student at Vancouver College.  I love playing basketball, hiking, and watching football.  I’ve been fortunate to have lived in Africa for two months with my family.  While there I was touched by how warm and welcoming the people were but also disturbed by the abject poverty of people living in townships just next to modern cities.  I had seen homeless people before in Vancouver but they were always adults not young kids. I kept thinking about how my friends and I live and wondering why I was so lucky.  After we returned home I kept seeing the faces of the kids I saw playing in and around townships and wondering where are their parents and why aren’t they in school? The first night home in my  comfortable bed I made a promise to myself that I would do what I could to help kids who didn’t have the opportunities that I did.

I love learning and as I look forward to attending University I felt it was time to act on my desire to help.  I am thrilled to be supporting the work of Imagine1day, a charity founded in my hometown, focused on exactly my goal of helping kids in less developed countries.  Their focus is Ethiopia, which has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world.  It is my goal to travel to Ethiopia the summer of 2022 (using my own funds) to work on the Anole school.

I am connecting with people in my community and network, and actively seeking partnerships with community groups and other non-profits. I know there are lots of great causes that need support but if you go to school, or did at one point in your life, you are more blessed than over four million Ethiopians today.  Please consider a donation.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions you can reach me @ [email protected]

Imagine1day – Project Sponsor

Imagine1day is a Vancouver, BC based Canadian registered charity that has exclusively operated in Ethiopia since 2007. Working under Ethiopia’s public education system and in partnership with the country’s government education offices, Imagine1day has implemented education activities that have significantly improved enrolment, retention and succession rates in primary education creating access to quality education.

Imagine1day has been recognized and awarded as one of the top ten innovative charities operating in Ethiopia at the 2015 and 2016 annual non-profit Good Practice Competition.  Imagine1day was also recently selected as one of the eight NGOs in Ethiopia leading the newly established national GO-NGO forum under the helm of the federal Ministry of Education.

Imagine1day’s strategy has allowed it to focus its resources on addressing the roots of the issues facing Ethiopia’s education sector, to ensure systemic and sustainable change. Imagine1day is out to prove that the transformation of a nation through the actions of  its citizens is possible.

Imagine1day’s  goal is that by 2030, all Ethiopian children have access to quality education free of foreign aid.