Ethiopia School Improvement Project

The Ethiopia School Improvement Project will create access to quality pre-primary and primary education for the over 2,000 school-age children in community of Anole, Ethiopia. The project will also improve the livelihood and socio-economic status of the entire community.

Project Objectives

  1. Increase enrollment from 75% of eligible children to 90%
  2. Create improved access to child-friendly pre-primary and primary school education
  3. Decrease the drop-out rate from 15% to 1.5%
  4. Improve students’ academic performances (GPA) from 63 % to 85%
  5. Establish, train and strengthen school clubs including Girls, Environment, HIV/AIDS, Sport and Literature Clubs

Project Specifications

Construction of:

  • 8 new classrooms
  • 2 blocks of gender-specific latrines
  • New Library
  • New Playground

Between January to September 2022

Total Project Cost: $270,800 CAD

Funds from the community and non-profits: $144,500 CAD (53%)

Total Additional Funding Required: $126,300 CAD (47%)

Our goal is to raise this money by January 2022

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Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of the infrastructure and education delivery once the project is complete is critical to its success. Imagine1day has an excellent track record of engaging partners from the federal Ministry of Education, regional and local government partners, and beneficiary communities in project monitoring and evaluation.

A Project Advisory Council (PAC) will conduct quarterly project monitoring together with imagine1day and the school PTAs. Members of the PAC all represent key district offices including; Education, Construction, Water, Health, Agriculture, Administration, Finance and Economic Development Office, Youth & Sport, Women, Children and Youth.