All Children Deserve Access to Education

One quarter of primary school children ages 6-14 in Anole, Ethiopia are not in school and of those in school only one third have access to a desk.  Education is a key factor in breaking the poverty cycle.  An educated workforce is essential for stimulating long term economic growth and reducing poverty.

Current Conditions

  • Only 4 of the 12 classrooms meet the minimum government standards
  • School floors in the school are dusty and children are exposed to fleas and influenza
  • Flooding makes it difficult for children to attend school during the rainy season
  • Only 35% of the students have desks and the rest sit on stones and floor
  • Classrooms are dark with no adequate lighting, windows or ventilation
  • No water and sanitation facilities at the school site
  • No library or reading resources
  • No indoor/outdoor playing facilities and equipment
  • High levels of school dropouts and absenteeism